wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world

wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world
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A couple of summers ago, coming home from class, I took the subway with a friend and I told her I was trying to start a blog... then I also told her how time consuming and addicting it had become, and that I was wondering if it was something worth doing... she laughed and asked me to let her know when I was done and give her the"link" so she could read it. Then she left and I kept thinking...why? why should I do this ?

Technology has taken us to a new level and we are now, able to "publish ourselves"! PUBLISH OURSELVES however we want to; if you want to be yourself, transparent and out in the open, or even if you want to pretend to be someone else... YOU CAN! Now you can blog and share your thoughts and experiences with people without having them "altered" by the editors, or "chosen" because of how cool or marketable they are...

This space is for us to share; zaidibirindilindilandia-my own little world, my ingenious- and your thoughts!

welcome, and thank you!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well. this is the FIRST thing I ever tried to do using Illustrator-back in the summer of 2006. I know it needs improvement-it needs lots of work, and to finish it.. but thought I'd share it anyway...


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  2. WOW.... no se si te recuerdas de mi pero yo te conozco por Alvaro y Xavier. Ese vector de illustrator lo estabas haciendo un dia en tu mac (yes people...I saw it in the making.. woot!!) cuando ibamos a algun sitio creo que en el carro del papa de Xavier...no recuerdo a donde era. Tambien me acuerdo que fuistes al prom de Provi con ese traje. Esta brutal lo que estas haciemdo y me alegro que todo (as I can see) te va super bien. Mucho exito!!!