wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world

wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world
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A couple of summers ago, coming home from class, I took the subway with a friend and I told her I was trying to start a blog... then I also told her how time consuming and addicting it had become, and that I was wondering if it was something worth doing... she laughed and asked me to let her know when I was done and give her the"link" so she could read it. Then she left and I kept thinking...why? why should I do this ?

Technology has taken us to a new level and we are now, able to "publish ourselves"! PUBLISH OURSELVES however we want to; if you want to be yourself, transparent and out in the open, or even if you want to pretend to be someone else... YOU CAN! Now you can blog and share your thoughts and experiences with people without having them "altered" by the editors, or "chosen" because of how cool or marketable they are...

This space is for us to share; zaidibirindilindilandia-my own little world, my ingenious- and your thoughts!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

ah aha ah! la finale!!!

i needed some days of breaking away from this last project... but you need an update and closure.


  • my Politecnico di Milano WAS INTERESTING and is now FINALLY OVER!
I finished the semester on the 25th of jun. and I'm very very satisfied with the results... as were my professors!
  1. an essay on "my fashion philosophy"/thoughts on 20th century style and fashion lectures with marvelously radical BENEDETTA BARZINI!
  2. a spring summer knitwear collection "book"
  3. my first completely knitted garment
  4. a book on knitted swatches and samples of creative stitches and knitwear techniques on coppo and bother machines
IT WAS HEAVY STUFF TO PREP. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER IN DRY AND HOT MILAN- while not getting much sleep and starting to feel the far-awayness of anything i could maybe categorize as "home"
That last week I was exhausted. Finals week is always devastating but tiredness has accumulated since.. boh!- i was born- I was just falling into pieces- but we did it!
  • to make matters just shockingly amusing...i lost my FLATS.ai FILE! around FRIDAY THE 18TH of june... project deadline: the 25... needed to print... THAT FRIDAY. I had spent so much time making those flats and put so much passion into them- i was lucky enough to have finished them "early" and all of a sudden- POOF!=GONE! just like the wind-oh-well leaving no trace. I had been blogging, and posting and sharing information (because it was providing me with constant constructive criticism and positive communication with the somewhat "human world"(even though through a reality more virtual than warm blooded) but SANITYWASVERYNECCESSARY!
and yet in the middle of the madness- i could only save this file on my EXTERNALharddrive due to its IMMENSITY and still i made a stupid crazy frenetic error of deleting the file from the hard disk and the trash can of my mac... lets just leave it at that- and with the great satisfaction that my genius computer programer uncle- HELPED ME RECOVER IT!!!!
and i was back on full throttle...

...even when in the middle of the week:
  • We went to ATMOSFERA-
a tram that takes you around milan while you have a fancy dinner inside. FANCY- i mean 3 forks and 3 knives 3 glasses. WE DRESSED UP FOR IT! then at 11pm got home, made some coffee and pulled the...
  1. I finished my TERM GARMENT: which meant trying to crochet together pieces of knitted "moss" and attaching the moss to the "yellow stuff hanging", and then I attached the bulky white straps...
  2. not to forget that I also had to prep a sample book, from scratch.. which meant: assembling it and ironing and sticking ... NUF(read that backwards)
I SAW THE SUN RISE- got ready and "pretty"- for my last day of school and an evening of ushering the graduates' fashion show- HEELS AND EVERYTHING! WOOHOO . off i went ...
ps: my bus ride to school was incredibly ridiculously-INSANE- because my bags were to big and too full to fit (with me) in the FULL Bus!

  • the day was long, but okay- in the evening we had an exhibition at the entrance of the fashion show so our garments- shone!
  • and meanwhile- i worked as an usher- to guide people towards the correct building.meanwhile....
  • ITALY was CRAZY- this was the day they played their last game at world cup - ITALY VS SLOVAKIA... they are such FANS( or tiffosi as they call them here)can you believe that at the POLITECNICO they opened a garage and put a huge projector screen to show the game- people sat in the middle of the lawn and yelled like crazies- and then - they lost :(...

  • halfway into the fashion show we went inside and saw the marvelous creations of our colleagues. Once the Fashion Show was over- we realized that it was all over... it was time to say goodbye- to our professors to the graduates, to this chapter- everyone who had not left yet- was about to do so- and THE FIRST TEARS STARTED TO COME OUT.
i feel accomplished, but I AM SO SCARED- this feeling of belonging evrywhere-and nowhere at the same time and wanting to go "home" but not knowing where that is... is pretty invasive...
  • 3 DAYS LATER...LONDON . 7days later and I am blogging AGAIN...
july '10:
  • TUESD 6TH- FIRENZE, for pitti filati n.67
  • 9th-MILAN.... i need to ship my house back to my not yet found apartment in NYC
  • 17-20TH: belgium
  • then milan
  • AUGUST 5TH- nyc...

<<-I'll catch ya' later alligator->>

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  1. thanks for sharing :)
    hope to see you in NYC on my way home in early September!!