wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world

wondering...about the wonders of this wonderfull...world
foto x arnaldo @MMXIproject
A couple of summers ago, coming home from class, I took the subway with a friend and I told her I was trying to start a blog... then I also told her how time consuming and addicting it had become, and that I was wondering if it was something worth doing... she laughed and asked me to let her know when I was done and give her the"link" so she could read it. Then she left and I kept thinking...why? why should I do this ?

Technology has taken us to a new level and we are now, able to "publish ourselves"! PUBLISH OURSELVES however we want to; if you want to be yourself, transparent and out in the open, or even if you want to pretend to be someone else... YOU CAN! Now you can blog and share your thoughts and experiences with people without having them "altered" by the editors, or "chosen" because of how cool or marketable they are...

This space is for us to share; zaidibirindilindilandia-my own little world, my ingenious- and your thoughts!

welcome, and thank you!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

recap: TGFC/AFW backstage

first things first, UNLOAD and organize. which shoes for which model?
a collaborative 
early on, starting to adjust the knit dress
January 27th, THE BIG DAY
At 11:00am (running on 3 hrs of sleep) I walked into the backstage area of the AFW location at Westergasfabriek with my huge PINK suitcase full of goodies. 
Marco Turini decided to be my official backstage photographer and with a little bit of luck he was able to start documenting early in the day. 

I was also extremely blessed have my dear friend and amazing KNITTER Sohee Bae be my "backstage assistant" and "dresser". This girl works her wonders, and really loves me! She stayed and helped me with everything regardless of her upset tummy. 

After unpacking, we put everything on the racks, did one last fitting with each model and then steamed the clothes. 

Usually backstage(s) are super hectic, with tight schedules and full of very stressed people. Surprisingly this one was VERY different. Everything was super organized, the models were all on time and ready to work, there were plenty steamers and irons+boards, and the hair and makeup team was very enthusiastic. I knew things were taken care of and that allowed me to "relax" a bit and focus on the finishing touches! 

Thank you Martin van der Werff, Holly Syrrett and all of the AFW/TGFC staff.
I LOVE MIRTE! this is pre-hair/makeup MAGIC

this is NOT what it looks like. I was probably just making another funny face!
After we fit the models and sent them off to hair and makeup, Sohee and I stayed by our "rack" doing some last minute edits. We only had to do two things: add snaps to the bottom panel of the knit dress, and mattress stitch some ankle knit cuffs.
Little did I know that putting those snaps on was going to take me MOST OF THE DAY!
all of these faces in less than 30 seconds. uugh, backstages are INTENSE. in the end we are always happy though!
At ~1:00pm Mr. Max Hitipew, the amazing choreographer, came to meet with each designer and call us for a rehearsal! This man is full of positivity and encouragement and does an amazing job!
zaida.sohee.max: reviewing the looks/schedule

The rehearsal went great, and when I came back it was time to WRAP THINGS UP.
I was so happy to be done with ALL those snaps!!!

so rewarding to see my collection ready. note the ditto® hangers
marco was slightly obsessed with shoepictures. he took like 5. this one was my favorite
we met some really nice people.  the backstage photographer taking pics of me. not used to this.
  Then we went on to check on Hair+Makeup (Haar+Make-up)!

Hair was done by View Agency. I met with them and we discussed ideas, but the "creative director" asked to see some of my pieces. When I showed him, he immediately thought of something and asked if I had anymore of my hand-spun scraps yarn. Of course, I brought EVERYTHING with me just in case, and handed him a whole "roll". What they came up with was impressive, but was most touching was that in our discussion, the director said "this is in honor of the meticulous work you've done". 
He said he wished he could meet designers 3 months in advance to really get to know them and understand what is behind their work -in order to create together-. 

Makeup was done by House of Orange. There was chemistry here too. When I met with the "head person" she pulled out my "mood/concept boards" and immediately knew what I wanted. COLOR was ON!

It was wonderful to have these experts/artists helping us communicate our vision to the public!
MIRTE getting her face prepped!
SAGAL getting her makeup finished!
hairdetail. they sewed the yarn onto their hair
hair DONE, makeup DONE. sagal+mirte posing!

I LOVE THESE GIRLS! Wonderful spirits!
Mirte, Sagal and Marijn were just the BEST models. They were cheerful, helpful, hardworking and super encouraging. They made this experience a million times better. They LOVED the pieces, fit them great and wanted me to have a great show and be happy. THANK YOU LADIES!


general rehearsal. marijin opens!
discussing the choreography, trying to get things right!

Marijn, Mirte, Sagal pose for  Marco. (from left to right)
Marijn, Mirte, Sagal pose for  Marco. (from left to right)

this is a LOT of press
two of my looks on the runway

photo credits to MARCO TURINI on this post PLEASE!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for such a MAGICAL experience!
I had lots of little angels helping me until the last minute and sharing this journey with all of you just makes it a MILLION times more special!

The show looked super professional, and I felt super empowered by having your all your support! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

The next post will be dedicated to the RUNWAY pictures of finished and polished images. I just wanted to share what happens BEHIND the scenes, as the ride should be just as meaningful as the destination!


  1. Adriana, you are such a star.

    Congratulations, John

  2. What a wonderful glimpse into a world I've never seen! Thanks for Marco's photos and for your words. They bring a vivid sense of this event to me.

    We are all so proud of you!